Session 3:  The ROI of Machine Learning: Capital One's Story

Fortune 500 banking giant, Capital One, partnered with to drive solutions for a number of their use-cases, thereby aiming for precision problem solving abilities which are accurate, efficient and real-time.’s sophisticated machine learning algorithms have enabled them better their grip on incident forecast & response, in conjunction with failure monitoring, business quantification of lost volumes (during incidents) and capacity analysis.’s machine learning platform for Capital One uses an excellent adaptability scenario of one of their star performers, viz., Sparkling Water to seamlessly processes huge amounts of data in a distributed and fully parallelized fashion. The enterprise ready product churns out real-time data analysis and forewarns of any possible conflict that a customer might face whilst on the Capital One banking environment. The solution can quickly iterate through multiple models of feature engineered data which makes it easier for practitioners to learn, develop and productionize. The dynamic nature of the platform allows Capital One to permute and combine multitudinous features to attain levels of maximum efficiency with regards to incidents and failure forecasting.

To hear it from the horse’s mouth, watch the following video.


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