Session 4:   Deep Learning for Business Leaders

Deep learning is one of the biggest opportunities in data science: by mastering this technique, you can unlock new insights and predictive power. The challenge? Deep learning is a complex topic, and few people have the capability to fully absorb it. 

We created the following guide to highlight the benefits of, and requirements for using Deep Learning in your organization. Relative to other machine learning techniques, Deep Learning has four key advantages:

1. Ability to detect complex interactions among features.
2. Ability to learn low-level features from minimally processed raw data.
3. Ability to work with high-cardinality class memberships.
4. Ability to work with unlabeled data.

These give Deep Learning a sharp edge over other methods which implies Deep Learning excels at, building more accurate models, and reducing the time needed to build a useful model.

Download the guide below to read the full report.



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